Realizing how things are getting out of control and the world standing still, have triggered many worries and anxieties about what the future holds for us.

Online couples therapy could help couples experiencing difficulties work on their marriage or relationships.   To have a better understanding of what the problem is, how it started, developed,  maintained, and what needs to change to improve things around.

By now, you might have to spend a lot of hours talking to people you know about your problems or struggles that you might be going through, and you feel maybe it is the right time to speak to a professional outside your circle of friends and family members.  Talking to friends and families can be helpful, but sometimes some things feel private, difficult to say or to hear. For many people, this can be a barrier to openly and honestly discussing their issues. Online couples counselling will provide a safe and non-judgment space to discuss what is disturbing you within your relationship.

The coronavirus has stolen a lot from us, but it doesn’t have to affect our relationships. Things will go back to normal. And when they do may we be found standing next to the person that matters the most.

For some couples, the coronavirus situation has accelerated processes that were dormant or avoided. This may be a time to talk more openly about the possibility of separation, and online couples counselling could be a good place to receive guidance and support in this difficult time. Although the majority of couples come for online therapy to repair their relationship, some use it to separate with honesty, mutual support and understanding of each other.

What is online couples therapy?

Online couples counselling is a supportive and convenient way to access a qualified couples’ counsellor or therapy when you need it, wherever you are. Your therapist will help you discuss issues in your marriage or relationship and improve the quality of your relationships. It is just like having face-to-face counselling, except you talk to a trained counsellor online using a secure video link.  ( i.e.  Zoom).

What can couples expect?

You can have couples counselling with your partner when in the same location or on your own. If you and your partner live in different places, your couples counsellor will arrange a three-way Zoom call. You will receive a link to the meeting, and if you have never used Zoom before, you will receive step by step guidelines on how it works.

How long is online couples therapy?

This question depends on each couple and the individual style of your counsellor. Short term limited couples therapy can keep the clarity of the couples’ goal and momentum while long term approach may allow the couples to come in and out of the treatment when a need occurs.

Online therapy is growing rapidly. The internet is not just for chatting with friends and relatives anymore, which recently we have all use the internet to catch up with friends and families during the lockdown period to save NHS and Save Lives.  But the internet has also made it possible for couples to work on their relationships and marriage during this lockdown period.

Soon, things will go back to ‘normal”.  Life will continue, and people will go with their everyday lives, and more demands will be placed upon our time. If this will be possible for you and your partner, your counsellor may suggest that you move your sessions to a physical location, but you will also have an option to carry on online if this is what you wish.

Written by Rose Stephen