Counselling provides a confidential space for you to talk about what’s going on for you at the moment, any struggles or challenges, overwhelming, unresolved issues, setbacks, wounds, or a part of you that have been hidden by difficulties and challenges of this world and is busting to come out and just be you. Counselling enables you to discover your desired, changes that you want to make, options, choices, aspirations or a conflict within ourselves

Aim and objectives of counselling

Counselling offers a different perspective, feedback or guidance, opportunities to develop a greater understanding of who you are so that you can make sense of your life. Counselling looks in depth not only at the symptoms, but also your core issues, the causes, and what these might mean for you. The counselling considers, and helps clarifies, your thoughts & feelings, what matters to you, the known & unknown aspects of you. Counselling can be a sounding board for you to be heard, listened to, accepted, value to say things which are difficult to say, discover a part of you, which you just don’t get, or to make connections. Counselling also provides the opportunity to say what’s happening inside for you. Alongside the current issues you bring to counselling, we may look at what you really want and what stops you getting there so far, using counselling as a journey of self discovery.