I’ve heard many people saying that gratitude is for “joyous people.” They think that when you have joy, it will be easier for you to be grateful. However, as a therapist, I have spent hundreds of hours working with people to help them feel better. Throughout these experiences and my own experiences, no one is […]

Online Couples Therapy

Realizing how things are getting out of control and the world standing still, have triggered many worries and anxieties about what the future holds for us. Online couples therapy could help couples experiencing difficulties work on their marriage or relationships.   To have a better understanding of what the problem is, how it started, developed,  maintained, […]


The COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, at least more than 20,000 people have now died from COVID-19. The deaths have hit us more than we expected. It is sad news for everyone. You may not have space and time to grieve now, but the following books and meditations can provide some understanding of grieving […]


What does lockdown mean to married couples? It might mean spending 24 hours together, seven days a week, but still feels alone. It means may be surrounded by the demands of your partners, teenagers, or kids. Or it could mean feeling suffocated and stuck in your marriage to a point where you think that you […]

Clients are ‘Experts in Their Own Lives’

Clients are ‘Experts in Their Own Lives’ Hi all. I am a therapist who likes helping people to feel better in life. What is it that some therapists do not stop and figure out who’s is this client? What Skills can this client bring in the therapy room? Can this client help someone in the […]

Seeking help for addiction

LTM-Drug or Alcohol addiction

Seeking out counselling is a difficult thing to do because it’s to start with the client admitting that they have a problem. Many people with some sort of drug or alcohol dependency just can’t do that. Listen To Me Counselling will support you to start stabilizing your intake of these drugs, control it and gradually […]