LTM-Bereavement CounsellingLoosing someone in your life can be hurt breaking, destroying, empty and life changing. Death can be referred like a thief who comes to steal, kill and destroy. It is always a sad and painful experience and you might be finding it very difficult to adjust to the immense changes happening in your life right now. Grief can empty your life to a point where you get lost of yourself, your beliefs, your personality, and even your sense of reality.
Bereavement is the time we spend accepting and adjusting to loss. There is no time limit to grief and there is no right or wrong way to feel during the bereavement period – everyone grief in their personal and individual ways to be able to cope in their own way.
Grief, although normal, can manifest in a huge range of unexpected ways. Some people get angry, some people withdraw further into themselves and some people become completely numb or even turn to alcohol and drugs. Sometimes, grief can turn into something more serious like depression and self-harming behaviours.
Listen To Me Counselling may be able to provide support and a safe place during these very difficult times. Talking about the loss often allows a person to adjust to their new life with all its changes – good and bad. Keeping things bottled up or denying the sadness could prolong the pain. Any loss has to be acknowledged for us to move forward.
Listen To Me Counselling tries to help clients to : accepting that your loss really happened; experiencing the pain that comes with grief, trying to adjust to life without the person who died and putting less emotional energy into your grief and finding a new place to put it i.e. moving on.