What does lockdown mean to married couples? It might mean spending 24 hours together, seven days a week, but still feels alone. It means may be surrounded by the demands of your partners, teenagers, or kids. Or it could mean feeling suffocated and stuck in your marriage to a point where you think that you can take it any longer.

In China, It is reported that after the breakdown, to some, life did not go back to normal. Many couples broke up or wanted a divorce. Will the same effect applies to this country when the government starts lifting some measures and lives go back to normal. I hope your marriage or relationships will not end up in divorce or breakdown. You can do something now to save your marriage or relationship.

Knowing each other’s love language can save your marriage or relationships. Sometimes we try our best to show love to our partner. We want them to feel our love or appreciation. We want them to know, despite everything we love and care for them. It can be frustrating or hurting when you express your love to your partner, and it goes unnoticed.

According to the five love languages, this could mean that maybe you are not speaking your partner’s love language, and that is why they can’t understand or get what you are trying to do here. For example, if your wife’s language is spending quality time with you. instead, you spend a lot of time at work or with friends or buys her flowers or a gift; she might appreciate these gestures. but, she will not feel loved by you as you missed what her love language is. Therefore, your genuine effort goes unappreciated or unnoticed.

Learning about your partner’s love language and what their dialect is can, not only help you express your love to them but also they receive it with a lot of appreciation and kindness and will want to do the same to you. So, it will be a win, win for your both The Five love language book written by Gary Chapman will guide you step by step on how to identifying both your love language and it will also give you tips on how to express your love language to each other. This book has saved many marriages/couples. Why don’t you give it ago?

If you feel this book can be of any help, please see the book below and click on the amazon’s link to direct you on how to purchase the book. I hope you find this information and the book useful.