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Relationship Counselling

LTM-Relationship CounsellingAre you tired of feeling not listen to? Or your feeling not acknowledge? Or not love, appreciated, or your needs are not met? Or you are losing intimacy with each other? Listen To Me Counselling will support you to explore some of the difficulties you are facing in your relationship(s).

Most people go through difficult period in their relationships because of : communication breakdown, not listen to, needs are not made, unfaithfulness, secrets, trust issues, family problems, stress, anxieties all these can affect your relationship with others.

Listen To Me Counselling will support you to explore the additional needs that you need to meet to have a healthier, happier relationships. Through empathy and creating a safe and trusting environment, I will support you to get connected with yourself and your feelings. Throughout our work together, I will be non-judgement, acceptance, and valuing which will allow you to express your true self and to find out what it is that, that really makes you happy in relationships.