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Welcome to Listen to me Counselling.LTM Counselling Rose Stephen

Counselling is a journey of exploration. Counselling can help support you to get to the roots of your issues and develop a better understanding of yourself and support you with tools to more effectively manage your life. My role, as your therapist, is objective and non-judgemental. I will focus on listening to you, guiding you through a thorough exploration of yourself- past, present and future- and fostering insights. Your insights will guide you to make decisions and take subsequent actions. Whatever the concern that leads you to therapy, rest assured that I will be deeply invested in supporting you through the process, freeing you to live the life you desire.

Sometimes you just need a place to offload and take a rest from problems facing our lives. Listen To Me Counselling provides you with a safe place to do exactly that. No matter how big your problems are, I will be there to accept you just as you are, supporting you as you start a personal journey to discover who you are. Together, we will explore your inner resources and strengths that will enable you to start taking those small steps into finding who you are and who you want to become.